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Flat Rate (based on 8 hours)

  • Same rate for all 7 days of week: $1275.00
  • Per Hour Over Additional: $150.00
  • Overnight Fee: $750 per night
  • Mileage (Point A to Point B): $4.70 per mile
  • Local: Approximately 65-70 miles (From Santa Rosa Beach to Pensacola)
  • Additional Drivers: $400 (auto-populate – for drive longer than 8 hours an additional driver is needed)
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(*Recommened tip $75 per day)
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*Drivers Hotel Stay is Responsibility of Customer*

  • This is only a Quote
  • Dependent on Entered Information and Availibility
  • Rates could be modifies when final and approved itinerary is provided
  • Deposit Due Upon Booking

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